Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Exponent Properties

I recently finished my squidoo lens on exponent properties. I have enjoyed the process of creating these single page sites. It has allowed me to accomplish two important things:

1) The actual building of the site is very simple and easy to do. I had to work a little bit to figure out the html need to create exponents, but overall the process of creating a website on squidoo is pretty painless.

2) Squidoo is well recognized by Google. Within the first week of publishing the exponents lens I am average 15+ visits a day from people searching on google. Considering how specific the topic is that is pretty cool. It is nice to know that people are finding and benefitting from the work I am doing. Yesterday nearly 100 people visited the four lenses I have on squidoo.

The lens I am creating currently is on simplifying square roots. It should be done some time next week.