Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MIMIO Demo's Part 1

As I said below, I was recently fortunate enough to have a MIMIO Interactive placed in my classroom. After less than two months I can't imagine teaching without it. You might ask why I like it so much. Here are just a few reasons.

  • Not having to worry about dry erase markers and the mess they make

  • Having multiple pages of work to go back to if necessary

  • Being able to easily access coordinate grids and number lines

  • Recording my work as I do a problem(or a video on how to use a MIMIO!)

  • The straight line feature(I was never very good at drawing straight lines)

  • Printing out notes for a student who has trouble concentrating during class

  • There are many others reasons including some I probably haven't figured out yet

The following video shows some of the features of the MIMIO notebook. It is designed for someone who has never used a MIMIO before. The MIMIO is capable of much more and I will be adding videos in the coming weeks showing these things.

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