Monday, December 19, 2011

Power Point Who?

I have never really been a fan of power point. I used it at times, but always felt like it should be able to do more than it did and that it should be easier make dynamic than it was. At the beginning of this school year, our head of middle school gave the staff a presentation. I was blown away. For the past four months I have been under the false impression that what she did took a lot of skill and hard work. Actually, though she utilized it well, all it really took was a web address. Prezi

Saturday, I finally took the time to look at the website, thinking it would take a big block of time like Christmas break for me to become competent using Prezi. Nope, I spent an hour playing around and learning the software. Maybe two hours later, I was able to produce the following video. IMO this is the best video I have created:

You can also view the Prezi itself:


What do you think?

UPDATE: Looks like I can embed it as well.

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