Monday, July 21, 2008

30+ and Counting!!!

My math teaching website is coming along nicely. I have added over thirty resources and have begun to write some of the articles. I am very excited about the site and the relationship this blog is playing in its creation. I know two things for certain about it:

1) I have some good ideas about how to teach Algebra 1.

2) I have SOME good ideas about how to teach Algebra 1.

I definitely know that I don't have all the ideas about teaching Algebra 1. Thus I am very thankful for the contributions of some of the readers of this site. I believe collaboration with other math teachers is the best form of professional development and I appreciate those that are engaging in that with me. It is my goal this blog turns into a community of math teachers discussing very practical means of teaching math.

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Magnus Mahony said...

I've browsed through your site, and my seatmate here's telling me that I'm tempted to answer your test questionnaires. Well, to be honest, I AM a little bit tempted, but I'm actually looking for a good way to teach basic math.